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Gigaset DX800A All-in-One VoIP Phone for 6 Lines

Siemens Gigaset DX800A

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Gigaset DX800A All-in-One VoIP Phone for 6 Lines
All in one Saturn VOIP+ISDN/PSTN AM (with DECT)

High-End Desktop Phone Family with 3,5 “ -TFT- colour display and modern high-quality design

Key Benefits:
• Outstanding High-Quality Design
• Large (3,5”) TFT-Colour Display
• Full Dial Keypad and Sound in HSP-Quality

Interface: a/b (analogue) or  Point-to-multipoint S0 (DSS1) plus Ethernet for VoIP.
link to GSM via Bluetooth

Standards: DECT, GAP, F-SMS, Bluetooth, Euro-ISDN/PSTN, Ethernet
Configuration: Connection of up to 2 external ISDN(2 B-channels)/1 PSTN lines and up to 4 external IP lines simultaneously
System: Up to 6 handsets can be registered

Technical data
Base Station
• Connection of 1 external ISDN line (2 B-channels)
• Connection port for fax
• 2 xEthernet ports for PC connection and firmware update
• Connection of up to 6 handsets
• Dimensions: H x W x L
Desktop Phone: 108 mm x  263 mm x 168 mm
DX800A(base without Handset ) : 631 g
Handset (with integrated weight)  : 147 g

Package contents
• 1 Comfort Base station
• 1 Power supply unit
• 1 Telephone cord, 1 Ethernet cable
• 1 User manual (short)
• 1 CD-ROM with PC SW Gigaset QuickSync and full user manual

• silver black

Detailed Technical Info:
Sound quality

• Wideband capable based on Cat-IQ 1.0
• Certification for Cat-IQ 1.0 (vb)
• Internal calls always in full wideband quality
• External calls via VoIP support Wideband
• Nearly Full-Duplex handsfree in brilliant quality
(80 ccm sound reflex box in desktop base)
activated by illuminated handsfree key, volume adjustable (5 volume steps)
• Adjustable volume of corded handset sound (3 levels)
• Headset connection  via Bluetooth or 2,5mm jack connector
• Ringertones and music-on hold in full wideband quality
• Polyphonic ringer-melodies and download of real-sounds in best quality possible
• Ringer melodies with 4-steps adjustable volume settings plus crescendo
• Ringer melody output via handsfree speaker
• Mute (via separate hardkey)
• Earpiece: Wideband capable
• Earpiece: HAC (hearing aide compatible)

Convenience – phoning essentials
Phonebook and dialing

• Address book with 1000 vCard entries, each containing 7 fields - name, surname, 3 numbers, e-mail and anniversary
• Anniversary day and time can be stored for each directory entry (vCard). Assign individual ring tone melody and picture for picture clip
• VIP-entries (a specific melody and predefined picture can be assigned to each directory entry)
• Auto-accelerating navigation through local phonebook with full text search
• Extra large digits displayed for dial preparation
• Dial preparation (input of phone numbers before connecting) with correction possibility
• Redialing of the 20 last different numbers
• User-programmable speed-dial shortcuts using keys 2-9
• Dialing: tone, pulse
• Automatic redial functionality
• 6 Configurable function keys: can be set as call by call key, pre-programmable with service numbers, line-selection. R-key)
• Full Intercom functionality (internal calls)

Receiving Calls
• Caller indication displayed via CLIP and CNIP displayed
• Picture clip for individual callers or VIP groups  (xx pictures pre-stored) 
• Display and handsfree key lighted
• Ringer melody output
• Polyphonic ringer melodies (16 chords): xx predefined
• Standard ringer melodies: 10 predefined
• Selectable ringer melody for internal calls
• Number (MSN)-specific ringer tone selectable

Missed Calls
• Display signaling missed calls
• Comfortable access to missed calls list by dedicated, illuminated message key
• List showing up to 30 missed calls saving calls with caller indication (CLIP) and time

General additional features
• Dynamic and elegant high-quality design with modern base design
• Plug & Play (unpack, connect the phone and conduct a call)
• Optimized Configuration via improved Installations assistants for ISDN  and VoIP settings 
• Automatic SMS registration
• Comfortable time and date setting (initial installation; buffered in case of power loss); date and time automatically synchronized via D-Channel after first call
• Comfortable dial and text editors
• Free programmable Soft key  (e.g. Quick dial, Call-by-call, Alarm, Calendar)
• Red illuminated MWI and Handsfree key
• 5 configurable keys (Flash-key (R) , Pause predefined)
• 5 -way Navikey
• In call status you get automatically recall softkey
• In connect status you get automatically
- alternation between 2 lines or
- conference
• In conference status you get separate function
• Mute-functionality with extra Mute-key
• Calendar with month view, visualization, administration of events and anniversaries
• Event-Scheduler / anniversary: in total up to 30 events can be stored with text
- user can select type from list or edit title
- melody for signaling settable
- signaling with type related icon
• Alarm clock functionality with snooze function
- set occurrence Monday-Friday or. daily
• Editable internal basestation name

Display and menu features

• Illuminated full graphical display (7 lines) , 320 x 240 pixel, 3,5 “ TFT display , brilliant Color (>=65k color)
• Night Mode: Display of Desktop can be switched off time-controlled (Power saving and non-disturbing at night)

• Display of digital clock or color picture as screensaver (settable by user)
• Slide show on display (time-controlled)

In idle
• Date and time, state of charging,signal strength, ECO-mode and Bluetooth, basestation name displayed
• Softkeys for prompt executing of functions

While conducting a call
• Display of call duration or units/costs (AOC-D, AOC-E, AOC-S is generally supported)

Next Generation Graphical Interface
• Comfortable menu with colored icons and text for easy use in 20 display languages (tbd)
• Icon based menu
• Direct access to call-lists (all/missed/accepted/outgoing)
• Optimized picture clip for desktop display
• Improved reaction speed on menu due to high-performing processor
• Night mode: time-controlled ringer off

Messaging functions (SMS)
• Sending/receiving of SMS with up to 640 characters2)
• Storage of up to 63 SMS with 160 digits ??
• Transmission of e-mails via SMS (separate directory for E-Mail-Addresses)
• Copy of telephone numbers from SMS to directory
• SMS protocol 1
• MSN-specific SMS-Inbox

• DECT is switched off, if no handset is registered
• Non-Disturb Mode: Time-controlled Switch – Off of DECT
• ECO Mode - manual reduction of transmitting power by 80%
• ECO Mode Plus for 100% reduction of transmitting power of base station and all registered handsets
• Variable reduction of transmitting power according to distance between handset and base station
• Up to 60% less energy consumption3) thanks to an energy-saving power supply
• FXS Port can be switched off (power save if not needed)
• Night Mode: Display of Desktop can be switched off time-controlled (Power saving and non-disturbing at night)

ISDN features
• Administration of up to 10 MSNs (auto MSN recognition)
• Date/time with synchronizing via ISDN
• Call number display    (CLIP, COLP)
• Restriction of call number display (CLIR, COLR)
• Call hold/consultation/toggle  (HOLD)
• Three-party conference  (3PTY)
• Call waiting, accept/reject (CW)
• Call forwarding (CF)
• External callback on busy/no answer)
• Malicious call identification (MCID)
• Advice of charge (AOC-D, -E, -S) (display of messages)
• Connection in the exchange  (ECT)
• Busy-on-Busy switchable system-wide
• Automatic switch from Keypad to DTMF-signaling

Connectivity (via Bluetooth and Ethernet)
PC connection via Ethernet and „Gigaset QuickSync for Ethernet“

• Direct Connection to PC via Ethernet possible
• Addressbook Synchronization with desktop phone book  (1000 Entries !)
- Synchronization of directory entries with Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/Express and Vista Contacts
• Download of indivual ringer-tones (e.g. in MP3, WMV (Microsoft), AAC (Apple iPod TM)-format)  in wideband quality (automatically converted to G.722-format)
• Download of pictures for screensaver / slideshow and picture clips
• CTI-Interface with Outlook (and Vista Contacts, XP-Addressbook)
- dialing direct from outlook contacts on PC via 1-click interface
- displaying the contact on PC while phone rings (if entry is in contact list)

• 2 Bluetooth connections supported in parallel (bluetooth headset and OBEX transfer/or PC connection)
• Supported Bluetooth Profiles
- serial                                                
- headset                                                          
- handsfree (for headset)
- OBEX with vCard exchange of addresses
• GSM connection (Link-to-Mobile) Several Mobile phones supported 
(1-5 mobile phones , automatic switching to best or default mobile phone)
• Outgoing-Call via GSM-connection from any handset or desktop base
• Incoming call from mobile phone is signalled and transfered
(configurable to any handset or desktop base ring: yes or no on mobile call)
• vCard transfer to mobile phones via Bluetooth

WEB-Interface for easy configuration and setup               
• Easy configuration of lines and numbers via Web-Interface
• Save / load of phonebooks (of desktop phone and all connected handsets)
• Save / load of Configuration settings from/to PC
• Dialling-Plan configurable via Web-Interface
(rules to use different linetypes for different numbers)
• Call-Lists shown on WebUI
• Language download for WebServer
• Configuration of provider profiles via WEB Server

Ethernet / connection for all Saturn Variants
• 2 Ethernet connectors with integrated 100 Mbit switch (PC can be connected via Base, only one Ethernet port nec.)
1 Ethernet port for analogue and ISDN version
• Simple: automatic setting of date and time via NTP
(parallel to via D-channel in ISDN or CLIP-info in analogue) version
• Online-Phonebook access
- Search in Public Directory & Yellow Pages
- Reverse search functionality (i.e. search by number)
- Auto-Lookup functionality (i.e. display of caller’s ID) display name, address, mobile number of caller when ringing
- Country specific providers selectable via web-interface version
• Network based private phonebook version
• Email – notification subject / header / time & date / begin of message
- Direct access to POP3/IMAP accounts without PC (phone is always on)
- Email content reading on PC (up to first 560 chars)
- New Emails signaled by illuminated MWI-key with comfortable access to message list: version
• Automatic search for available firmware updates version
• Firmware Update directly from base without file handling version
• Support of further WEB-based services (RAP1.0 and 1.1)) e.g. weather, RSS feeds, Ebay version
• DHCP client  (or static IP address)

Accessories version
• Headset via Bluetooth connection or 2,5mm jack connector (headset not included) version
• Gigaset Home Control (GHC) – protocol for the operation of HC 450 door interface version
• 1 Separate analogue FSX-port for connecting analogue FAXes version
• Easy to use User-Interface (no setting of ISDN-line type required) version
• Support of analog Fax T.30 up to 14.4 kHz

Features with additional handset version

• Support of SoHo Requirements:
Up to 4 lines available in parallel for 4 calls at the same time
(1 analogue + 3 VoIP, 2 ISDN lines + 2 VoIP, up to 4 VoIP-lines) version
• Future Proof Flexible System for analogue or ISDN interface
(setable during installation) and VoIP-Calls in parallel version
• Hybrid Calls possible (menu base easy selection of line type used) version
• Phonebook transfer between handsets version
• Internal transfer of external calls to another handset with prior consultation call
• 3 party conference (1 external / 2 internal participants) via internal recall or call-waiting
• Collective ringing on incoming external calls

Answering machine features
• Up to 3 answering machines,not simultaneously
• Digital recording of voice messages with up to 55 minutes (combined) recording time (saved against power loss)
• Listening in to incoming calls possible on all handsets and on desktop base
• Answering machine comfortable controlled via Navi-key / 3 separate AM keys and large colour display
• Predefined announcement (plug & play) 3 Individual announcement and 3 advisory announcement (170 Sec.) recordable by user
• Time-controlled change between announcement and advisory message
• Recording date and time are announced
• Recording time adjustable: 1 / 2 / 3 minutes, unlimited
• Call acceptance adjustable: immediately, automatic, after 10, 20, 30 Sec.
• Display of new messages at the desktop phone  and handset
• New message notification via SMS to external number containing CLIP, date, time
• Remote listening of messages via
- PIN-protected remote playback
- SMS initiated call-back from AM
• Live recording of a telephone call

IP Net Features
• Up to 4 VoIP-Calls in parallel at the same time
• Block-Dialing and (simulated) „step-by-step dialing“ for all calls
• Multiline with up to 6 SIP accounts:
- Configure up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers
- Assign accounts individually to handsets (send & receive direction specifically)
• VoIP support (embedded SIP VoIP, G711, G722, G726, G729AB)
• Quality of service*: ToS, Diffserv (dependent on country, network and provider)
• Operation behind router providing LAN connection
• VoIP supplementary services (device controlled):
- conference, hold/toggle, call forwarding
• Autoprovisioning via MAC address (TR069) or code for auto configuration including SIP username and password (on request)
• Easy selection of provider profiles from HS
• Configuration of system via WEB Server
• Configuration of provider profiles via WEB Server
• VoIP service:
- free of charge calls between Gigaset VoIP phones
- zero configuration
- directory

Email notification /subject/header/ time & date / begin of message
• Direct access to POP3 accounts without PC
• Email content reading on PC
• New Emails signaled by illuminated MWI-key with comfortable access to message list: Information about sender, time & date, subject
Direct access to POP3/IMAP accounts without PC (phone is always on)
- Email content reading on PC (up to first 560 chars)
- New Emails signaled by illuminated MWI-key with comfortable access to message list

Future proof SW architecture
• Linux based operating system
• Large (automatically updateable) Flash with 32 Mbyte
• Allows future improvement due to huge available free/open software
• Multi-Linetype system (analog/ISDN + VoIP *1a) *1b)) allows:
Line Selection for each call via function key on desktop phone or on any handset via Menu-Selection (alternatively : default line-type)

Fixed net operator features
• Support of supplementary services (provider features)
-  via soft key and menu (e.g. automatic call back, call forwarding)
-   by the use of R-button, *-button and #-button
• Configurable Key can be set as Call by call button with specific provider numbers in the production

Gigaset DX800A Promotion Video

EAN Code 4250366815138
Tiltable Display No
Color Display Color Display
Touchdisplay No
Conference Capable Yes (5way)

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