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Indoor Touch - unlocking license for uploading apps

Indoor Touch - unlocking license for uploading apps

Indoor Touch 2.0 WiFi, zwart

Indoor Touch 2.0 WiFi, zwart

Indoor Touch 2.0 WiFi, wit

€872.31 €720.92

The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 answering unit guarantees reliable video door communication. The Android OS, more powerful hardware and simple user interface make it easy to integrate the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 with third-party applications. For example, home automation systems can be comfortably operated on the 7“ touch screen made of tempered glass.

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  • Durable 7“ HD touch screen
    The 7” colour touch screen display offers a detailed image of your visitors. You certainly don’t have to worry about scratching the 4 mm tempered glass by your shopping bag.
  • Integration with home automation systems
    Android OS support and more powerful hardware allows easy installation of third-party applications, such as home automation systems. We’ve even pre-installed applications by Axis, because we belong to the same family/group.
  • Easy connection via WiFi
    The video indoor communicator can be connected to a single Ethernet cable, which provides power and communication. If you can’t install new cabling, simply choose the WiFi version.
  • A clear, easy to use home screen
    The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 offers a specially modified home screen, which even inexperienced users will find easy to use. The most popular and frequently used applications are available with one click.
  • Attractive, award-winning design
    Fans of first-class design will also appreciate this product. Its design means that the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 will suit any household. We received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for our answering unit’s design.
  • Video messages on an answering machine
    The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 will answer visitors calls even when there’s no one home. It will play a recorded message to the outdoor intercom, asking your visitor to leave a message. The recorded message also includes a video from the door unit.
  • High-quality sound without ambient noise
    No echoes and suppression of noise from the adjoining street. Thanks to a HD audio codec, this answering unit will provide high volume and intelligibility during conversations, even if your visitor was standing on a noisy environment.
  • Support of a doorbell button
    It’s easy to connect a doorbell button by the entrance door to a flat to the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0. When the doorbell rings, the unit will start playing your pre-selected melody.

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