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Snom M65

Snom M65

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Snom M90

Snom M85

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Ruggedized DECT handset

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Professional DECT telephony
The M85 DECT handset is easily configurable for the flexible and scalable M700 multicell solution with seamless handover as well as for the M300 single-cell base station. It is ideally suited for professional indoor and outdoor use and in hard-hat or industrial areas. The M85 also boats modern alarm features designed to increase safety in the workplace.
Alarm functions
The M85 can be used to send and receive alarms. It sends different alarms in the event of an emergency. These alarms can be triggered manually by pressing the alarm key, for example, or automatically.
Push-button alarm
Programmable alarm key: the Snom M85 features a freely programmable alarm key. Depending on how it is programmed, pressing this key may send a message or place an automatic emergency call to a desired number. (Footnote: messages are sent and received via compatible alarm servers)
Dead man’s feature: no-movement and man-down alarm
Thanks to integrated position sensors, the Snom M85 has what’s known as a dead man’s feature. If the handset registers an unusual position of the operator or an extended period of motionlessness when laid down, it sends an emergency message if programmed to do so, in order to assist an unconscious employee, for example.
Pull-cord alarm
In addition to sensors, the Snom M85 also has an optional wrist loop attached to the phone that triggers an automatic alarm or emergency call if it is ripped from the handset.
Convenient features
When the M85 is used with an M700(1) or M300(2) base station you enjoy many phone system features such as voicemail, automatic call forwarding, call lists, caller identification, or direct search in the corporate directory.


  • Robust DECT handset with IP65 protection rating
  • Features a range of alarms designed to increase safety in the workplace: push-button alarm, no-movement alarm, man-down alarm and pull-cord alarm 
  • Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof · Perfect for outdoor use 
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5 mm jac


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