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Stentofon Exigo Network Amplifier AC, 2x100 Watt

Stentofon Exigo Network Amplifier AC, 2x100 Watt

Stentofon Exigo Network Amplifier 2 x 400W, AC 400W, AC ENA2400-AC

Stentofon Exigo Network Amplifier 2 x 400W, AC 400W, AC ENA2400-AC

Stentofon Exigo Network Amplifier 2 x 400W, DC 400W, DC ENA2400-DC

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Exigo Network Amplifier 2 x 400W

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The Exigo Network Amplifier is designed for use in marine, offshore and other demanding environments. The amplifier utilizes state-of-the-art class D amplifier technology to ensure high power efficiency and superb audio quality.

The Exigo Network Amplifier is part of the Exigo PA/GA system, which is based on standard Ethernet network and digital processing. Each amplifier has two network connections, allowing for redundant cabling between the amplifier and the network. Using standard network equipment also allows for a much wider selection of standard network equipment.

The digital audio processing and maintenance of the amplifier is done with the embedded CPU and DSP. These components allow the amplifier to do advanced audio processing such as automatic gain control and equalizing while also maintaining a robust connection to the system controllers.

The complete amplifier is self-monitoring and this includes advanced monitoring of the speaker lines and internal system. The audio output channels can be monitored for line faults such as shorts, ground faults and large load changes. In addition, up to 10 intelligent Line End Transponders (ELTSI) can be placed on the speaker lines for additional accuracy in the line monitoring. The amplifier also monitors control inputs, power supplies, temperature, network connections and every other components required for operation of essential services. Faults will be reported to the system controller, but will also be indicated locally on the amplifier.

The amplifier operates from a 48 VDC supply and is designed to survive minor interruptions on the power supply.

The amplifier’s configurable control inputs/outputs and audio inputs can be used locally by the amplifier (e.g. for PTT and audio from a handheld microphone) or can be controlled by the system (e.g. audio input for background music).


  • 2x 400 watt continuous effect
  • Power efficient class D technology
  • 48 VDC power
  • Redundant Ethernet connections
  • Digital audio processing, equalizer and audio delay
  • Loudspeaker line monitoring
  • Input for backup amplifier
  • Tick tone generator
  • 6 configurable control outputs
  • 6 configurable control inputs

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